ChemMax 2 Sleeved Apron


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ChemMax 2 chemical apron with bound seams is ideal for chemical mixing and handling, environmental clean-up, and hazardous materials remediation. The full sleeve and bound seam features offer additional protection against liquid splash and spray. All ChemMax 2 products use a Saranex 23P coating for moderate chemical protection. 

  • Chemical protection against Class I through Class IV pesticides and reduce heat stress.
  • Complete frontal protection yet cooler than coveralls.
  • All-in-one apron has bound seams around sleeves, neck and closure and elasticized wrists to resist chemical exposure from neck to knees.
  • Meets EPA requirements for a chemical-resistant apron.
  • Dimensions: 26"x52
  • Compliance: EPA 40 CFR 170
  • One size fits all


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