Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Kit


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The Bloodborne Pathogen/Bodily Fluid Spill Clean Up Kit provides a safe and quick clean up solution for messy situations. The OSHA compliant kit helps you maintain a safety barrier with the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), while also allowing you to safely work with, clean up and dispose of blood or bodily fluids. Providing for the proper handling of blood borne pathogen (BBP) or bodily fluid incidents should be part of a full safety protocol in offices, warehouses, sporting venues and retail businesses. Contains a total of 32 pieces, packed in weatherproof plastic case (8.6" X 5.7" X 3.15") with inner gasket.

Cleanup pack contains:

  • 2 oz bottle absorbent powder
  • scoop, spatula
  • disinfectant cloth
  • biohazard bags
  • Nitrile gloves
  • antiseptic towelettes


Apparel pack contains:

  • control gown
  • eye shield
  • face mask
  • Nitrile exam gloves
  • biohazard bag
  • antiseptic towelettes


UOM: each (kit)