Portable Eyewash System


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This portable eyewash provides a steady water flow and first aid relief virtually anywhere. Easier to transport with its 9.0 gallon capacity, it delivers a full 15 minutes of flushing time with 0.4 gallons/minute and meets full compliance to ANSI Z358.1 2004.New design allows entire contents to be utilized for 15 minute flushing requirement, allowing the unit to be made smaller and more portable. Constructed of FDA high-density polyethylene material. Wide cap for easy filling, cleaning and inspection. Eyewash is activated by pulling down lever, which protects outlet nozzles when not in use. Includes 8-ounce bottle of anti-bacterial additive to permit storage of water for up to 6 months. Hangs on bracket that easily bolts to a wall or on vehicle (bracket included). Made in USA. Haws brand.