Heavy Duty Big Wipes in 80 count canister

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Our Heavy-Duty 8" by 12" wipes are simply the best hand cleaning wipes on the market!  Incorporating the latest high adhesion web technology, the innovative dual-sided scrub and clean Quad Fabric grips 40% more grime with every wipe, so you can mop up even the toughest dirt in the quickest time.


quad-fabric-splat-with-tracksThe new Quad Fabric Wipes have increased strength and greater absorbency than ever before which makes them tougher in use and able to soak up extra grime. The enhanced scrubbing power of the abrasive surface drives the powerful 4x4 formula deep into the dirt to speed up cleaning. The smooth face now has an absorbency of 7.93gr/gr, which equates to a fabric absorbing quality of almost 80%. This results in the muck being soaked up and trapped in the wipe, leaving your hands, tools and surfaces cleaner than ever.