CHEMSORB™ Universal Sorbent Roll - 15"x150'


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CHEMSORB™ GA – General Absorbent Roll, SP33GA-RL15 – 15 in. x 150 ft. Lightweight Pads/Roll, Dimpled Absorbent Pads. Cleaning Solutions. Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Spill Absorbent. Includes: 150 foot roll, absorbs 45 gallons per roll.

  • Spill Response Pads: these high-performance sorbent pads are ideal for industrial plants, machine shops, maintenance shops as well as environmental oil spills, absorb 45 gallons per box
  • Sorbent Pads: keep the space clean with these universal sorbent rolls which are used for soaking up both oil and water based fluids. Offers great wicking and overall performance.
  • Dimpled Structure: designed with dimpled structure, these absorbent rolls with low linting formation tend to universally absorb all liquids which trap them inside the dimpled structure.
  • Durable Construction: cleaning rolls with high-performance dimpled structure facilitate fast absorption. Reusable, conveniently-sized pads are perfect for cleaning up oil or petroleum spills.
  • Universal Roll: meltdown polypropylene construction of these sorbent rolls ensure flexibility and makes it strong enough to handle any task. Saves your space from dangerous spills.

CHEMSORB™ Universal Sorbent Roll, SP33GA-RL15, 15 inch x 150 foot long is designed to be durable and absorb a wide variety of liquids. These sorbent rolls are manufactured to absorb any kind of spill to keep you shop or work area safe and clean. With its low linting structure that incinerates to less than two percent ash, these cleaning rolls provide the users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum-based spills and leaks effectively. The meltdown polypropylene of this Universal Sorbent Roll increases the physical strength of these sorbent rolls and cleans your space efficiently. Absorbs 45 gallons per box.