Chemsorb™ Universal Sorbent Pads 100 - 15" X 18"


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CHEMSORB GA – General Absorbent Pads, SP33GA-PD15 (100) – 15 in. x 18 in. Medium Weight Pads, Dimpled Absorbent Pads. Cleaning Solutions. Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Spill Absorbent. Includes: 100 pads.

  • Medium Weight Pads: these high-performance sorbent pads are ideal for industrial plants, machine shops, maintenance shops as well as environmental oil spills, absorb 21 gallons per box.
  • Dimpled Absorbent Pads: designed with dimpled structure, these absorbent pads with low linting formation tend to universally absorb all liquids that trap them inside the dimpled structure.
  • Cleaning Solution: keep the space clean with these universal sorbent pads that are used for soaking up both oil and water-based fluids and are ideal for indoor use.
  • Durable Pads: cleaning pads with high-performance dimpled structure tend to facilitate fast absorption. Reusable, conveniently-sized pads are perfect for cleaning up oil or petroleum spills.
  • Environment Cleaner: these sorbent pads can be used where there is high possibility of oil spilling. These lightweight cleaning pads tend to save time, money and leave the environment clean.

The dimpled pattern of these CHEMSORB Universal Sorbent Pads, SP33GA-PD15 will quickly soak up liquid. Lightweight sorbents pads provide the users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum-based spills and leaks effectively. Enhanced user-friendly absorbent pads can cleanup oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, petroleum, kerosene, motor oils and transmission oils. Light in weight, oil absorber can be easily transported to the spill site. Extremely high absorption rates ensure you contain and clean as quickly as possible. Even when fully saturated, it will keep its shape. Box includes (100) pads and absorbs 21 gallons per box.