Chemsorb™ Oil Only Sorbent Pad 100 - 15" X 18"


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CHEMSORB Oil Only Absorbent Pads SP53SS-PD15, (100) Pads made from super absorbent Polypropylene. Will Not Absorb Water, comes in 15″x18″ pads, Absorbent and Durable Pads with Dimples. Ideal for Cleaning Spills or Wiping Greasy Areas, Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Hydrophobic, Includes: 100 pads, absorbs 34 gallons

  • Oil Only Absorbent is engineered to be lightweight, completely hydrophobic (water proof) and able to remove hydrocarbons from spills in water or before it reaches a water source.
  • Does not absorb water, repels H2O and will float indefinitely while absorbing petrochemicals.
  • Oil only absorbent formulated to quickly clean up hydrocarbon liquids including: oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, petroleum, kerosene, motor oils and transmission oils while not absorbing any water.

Includes: 100 – 15″ x 18″ pads per box.

Absorbency per pack: Up to 34 gallons per pack

Mfr. SP53SS-PD15