Chemsorb™ Oil Only Heavy-duty Absorbent Roll - 28.5"X 125'


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Heavy-Duty Oil Only Absorbent Roll, SP53SS-RL12, (1) Roll that is 28.5 in. x 125 ft. and made from 60% cotton and meltblown polypropylene. They will not absorb water and are ideal for Cleaning Spills or Wiping Greasy Areas, Industrial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Hydrophobic, Includes: (1) Roll measuring 28.5 in. x 125 ft. absorbs 31 gallons.

  • Heavy Duty super absorbent with a 60% cotton core and polypropylene will help government contracted sites meet requirements for using green products.
  • Absorbs only Oil and will not absorb water, pads are hydrophobic (repel water). Absorb 31 gallons per box.
  • Oil only absorbent formulated to quickly clean up hydrocarbon liquids including: oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, petroleum, kerosene, motor oils and transmission oils while not absorbing any water.

Includes: 1 roll of 28.5″ x 125ft per box.

Absorbency per pack: Up to 31 gallons per pack

Mfr. SP53SS-RL12